Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Candids for Music Video Shoot. Stay tuned for video :)

Julian Juaquin Photography

Anti Fur Dance Piece 'Please, Don't Touch'

Anti-Fur piece entitled 'Please, Don't Touch,' which depicts the unfortunate lives of animals caught up in the skin trade. You can catch a glimpse of it through the photos here, taken by Joshua Katcher of www.TheDiscerningBrute.com and the video shared on this page which is an artistic collaboration between creative director, James Koroni http://www.enforcedarch.com/ and Video Artist :Me" Yessi Yes-Yes Ruiz.
  These beautiful dancers as the ANIMALS watch this as if they're the animals ready to be TORTURED ALIVE If you wear fur/have nothing against it. You are the Animal do you want to go through this?